µ’s Final LoveLive! live viewing venues updated – Malaysia included!

Countdown for µ’s Final LoveLive! has already begun and 21 days left before the concert begins. As scheduled, the final live will be held in one of the biggest concert venues in Japan – Tokyo Dome for 2 days, 31/3 to 1/4 at 16.00 JST. Also, the final live will be streamed in selected cinemas […]


At SSA Concert last night, AKB48 announced their long-awaited Tokyo Dome Concert! My first reaction was, . . . . ?????!!!!!!!!!What??!!!! AM I DREAMING???!! No. Absolutely not. The video is up on Youtube. You know what, I am so happy right now!!! After for long waiting, the time has come. I am so happy for […]

Official list for 62nd Kouhaku Uta Gassen performers!!

The official list is out! As expected, the list make me disappointed..T____T Red Team (28) aiko Ashida Mana Ayaka Angela Aki Ikimono Gakari Ishikawa Sayuri AKB48 KARA Kawanaka Miyuki Kanda Sayaka Koda Kumi Godai Natsuko Kobayashi Sachiko Sakamoto Fuyumi Shiina Ringo Shoujo Jidai Tendo Yoshimi Natsukawa Rimi Nishino Kana Perfume Hamasaki Ayumi Hirahara Ayaka Fuji […]