Vocaloid song series: Ameyumerou (Rain Dream Tower)

This is my first time writing on vocaloid song series. I don’t really know how to write a review or interpret a song/video, maybe because I’m not an art student. My brain works most on the left so any abstract thing wouldn’t be my expertise. Even so, I would like to give it a try.

Akai Ito: A string that connects two people together

There is a famous mythology that heavily used in Japanese culture. Japanese called it as Akai ito or Unmei no akai ito which mean red string or red string of fate. Originated from Chinese legend, this term is widely used in Japanese popular culture especially manga, anime, music and even video games.


Oiya~! The exam finished today! Me is super happpyy!!       Right now, I’m packing things to bring home. It is chooouu exciting! Hehe~ ヽ(^。^)/ありゃ     I want to go home quickly. Lists of activity are waiting for me. ^^       Until then, my ‘beloved university’,     see you next […]

Waiting Day

One day left for this semester!   Tomorrow will be the last paper but I still have alot to study. (×_×;)   Can’t wait to finish it because I have a loooootttttt of thing to say but gonna keep it later~ (-_^:) ぴくっ Sooo many things happened and I feel frustrated over it.   I can’t […]