Details on Kashiwagi Yuki’s new drama

The details on Yukirin’s new drama is out! The title is “Miierino Kashiwagi” and it is a late-night drama, which will begin its airing on 11/1/2013. This drama will have 12 episodes and the theme is love. So far, the other casts for Miierino Kashiwagi aside from Yukirin are Sano Shiro and Konno Hiroki. Drama […]

Review on Zenkai Girl drama

i just finished watching Zenkai Girl and what can i say is this drama is awesome!!!! i really enjoy it. from the actor/actress to the ost. first, the main casts for Zenkai Girl are: Aragaki Yui as Ayukawa Wakaba Nishikido Ryo as Yamada Shota actually, this drama is about romance. a little bit on the […]

Acchan will be starring in new drama with Yamapi!!

i just read this news few minutes ago and i was like ‘eh???Majide???!!!’ it from my twitter… well, this source can be trusted. no doubt!! and here is the article about it…. ok….the thing is, she will play with YAMAPI!you are so lucky Acchan!!after Takeru and now Yamapi. both are my favourite!! so, the title […]

majisuka gakuen 10

i had watched the latest subbed ep for majisuka gakuen.the episode is getting sad where Atsuko remember her past with Minami and Sado worrying about Yuko’s condition.honestly,i feel sad becoz Takamina was dead.and now Yuko is getting worse due to her disease.i think Atsuko and Sado are same.Yuko is very important person to Sado and […]