Girl of The Week : Takajo Aki(Akicha) and Kuramochi Asuka(Mocchii)

This week, it’ll be different from other post because i’ll introduce you two members; Takajo Aki and Kuramochi Asuka. Takajo Aki   She was a 6th Generation Kenkyuusei and in December 2008, she got promoted to Team A, the fastest Kenkyuusei to be promoted to a team. She involved in AKB sub-unit, French Kiss and […]

Girl of The Week : Kojima Haruna(Harunyan)

okay guys. This is Kojima Haruna. i mentioned her in Miichan’s post. she is one of the first generation members in AKB and she participated in all AKB singles. she is in Team A. she involved in few AKB sub-units; No Sleeves, Team Dragon and AKBIdoling! since 2007, she has appeared in some dramas such […]

Girl of The Week : Minegishi Minami(Miichan)

Last time, i introduced you about Tomochin and now, i’ll introduce you about this girl! Minegishi Minami a.k.a Miichan! she’s not my fav member but…sometimes, she’s got my attention especially in AKBingo!.(she’s really funny!) actually, she is one of the first three members in AKB48 that i knew back in 2010 when i started to […]

Girl of The Week : Takahashi Minami(Takamina)

This week, i’ll bring you with our leader, TAKAHASHI MINAMI aka TAKAMINA!! actually, she’s not the official leader and i think there is no leader in AKB except for the Team. but…we can consider Takamina is the unofficial leader since she will be the one who will shout “AKB!!!” in River and “In Your,Position.SET!!” in […]