Miku EXPO 2016’s official penlight


Just the other day, I purchased an item from Yahoo! Auction Japan and after 1 week, it finally arrived at my home!

By record, this is my 2nd time shopping from YAJ and I am lucky that I didn’t get into any trouble. I’m sure many of you know that YAJ is like a heaven in which you can get any rare item that wouldn’t get sold anymore/anywhere.

My first purchase with YAJ is my Final LoveLive! kingblade or penlight. Because I’m living outside Japan and certain thing is just hard to get here, I turned to YAJ. For the first purchase, I bought from YAJ with the help of Malaysian seller in Japan. He will bid and decide the cost. Although he charged me around MYR 100, personally I think it is a reasonable rate. To cover the local and international shipping cost + commission for yourself, that is acceptable.

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

Disney’s Minnie plushy free gift.

He also gave a free gift which is the Minnie plushy and the item arrived in good condition.

My 2nd purchase is also penlight but this time is Miku EXPO 2016’s penlight. This is also my first time using Japan proxy service to shop from YAJ. There are many proxy services but you need to be very careful in choosing any of them. You will want your item to arrive safely in good condition.

One of the very famous proxy service is Buyee. I also using that to browse anything in YAJ. But I didn’t use it to buy from YAJ. After looking up for reviews, many said Buyee got some issues and I don’t want to take risk despite they offer 20% for international shipping cost.

Finally I found this website that offer reasonable fees and they also got good reviews and recommendation. J-subculture is just another proxy service and personally, I like this website. I will talk about them in separate post.

The Miku Expo’s penlight was listed at JPY3500 and luckily, I was the only bidder so I didn’t have to compete with others for this. Because the transaction happens twice; from seller to J-subculture and finally myself, you need to wait some times until the seller ships out the item and received by the warehouse before they ship out to you. In my case, it took about 1 week to arrive at my house.


The packaging is not so big and tidy.


They wrapped the item with bubble wrap which is enough to protect it from damage.


Item checked! The penlight is sealed but the plastic case and the blade look kinda old/yellowish.


The strap is so lovely~



This is how it looks like. Well, not that bad.


There are 6 colours; Green-Orange-Yellow-Red-Pink-Blue. Actually, the green colour somehow not really resembles Miku’s colour. It’s very greenish. The closest colour that I can get is like this:

Processed with VSCO

I’m quite disappointed with this but I think it might be the actual colour. Anyway, I think I really like this penlight. It has a cool design especially the ‘Miku Expo’ inside the blade.

This is what happen when your penlight in action!

#mikuexpo2016 #HatsuneMiku #officialgoods

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