µ’s final single, Moment Ring and Toranoana+Tenso review


After waiting almost 2 weeks after been released, my copy of µ’s final single, Moment Ring finally arrives at my house! *getting excited*

Just an overview of this single, Moment Ring is the final and last single of µ’s. This single consists of 2 tracks:
1. Moment Ring
2. Sayonara e sayonara

The first press release includes a poster of each member + serial code to get 3 SR.

Before I go further into this single, I want to thanked Lantis because I ate their bait. At first, I ordered from CD Japan, my favourite store to buy CD. Only then, I found out that the target store to get Kotori poster is Toranoana. Well, my best girl in µ’s is Kotori so I want to get her poster for this final single.

Toranona is actually famous online store because they sell doujin works, rare items and stuff you don’t normally find in typical online stores. I never had experience buying from them before so this is my first time.

One thing about this store is they are Japanese-based store. What I mean by that is, all the instruction, details etc are in Japanese and they don’t ship overseas. So, if you are planning to buy anything from Toranoana you might face some troubles and difficulties especially when you don’t understand Japanese. But worry not, you can refer to this website for guideline and Google-sensei for the rest.

For the record, it was the most challenging experience I ever had when shopping online. Because I don’t understand Japanese, all I can do is keep the faith and trust them.

They shipped my order 1 day after the single is released and it arrived at Tenso on the next day. Take note that if you buy anything from stores that don’t ship overseas, you need to use forwarding service to send your item to your house or you can use proxy to buy them. There are many websites that offer the service such as Tenso, White Rabbit Express, From Japan and the list goes on.

Just an advice, always remember to use service or buy from trusted site. Read reviews and do some researches on that particular website or store. For this order, I used Tenso because they have good reputation among users.

When the item reached Tenso, they notified me via email and listed the fees for handling+shipping. They shipped the item within 2 business days after receiving the payment.

It took 4 days to arrive at my home and this is how the parcel looks like:


Not so heavy, well this is a CD anyway. If you flip or move the parcel, you can hear the item is moving. *worry*



This is how it looks inside. They didn’t put bubble wrap or paper inside it. ^^’ Luckily the CD is safe.

Processed with VSCO with s1 preset

So, the CD included with a poster and also SR serial code for SIF Japan version. *smiling*

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

And now, my Kotori! Hell yeah, she is so cute!! *giggling* Very nice illustration! *thumbs up*


Also got her sign at the bottom of the poster. That little bird so cute~~ sasuga Kotori-chan.
Because this is their final single, it is remarkable they are wearing the very first costume when they started. So nostalgic..

‘Ah.. the feeling is getting into me’


I just want to say thank you for the staff for designing the CD. So cute and pretty too~


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