Anime Festival Asia (AFA) announces Penang Anime Matsuri in May 2015!


For the first time ever, AFA announces its first outdoor anisong party, which will be held in Penang, and of course, it is an outdoor event! *party party*

Penang Anime Matsuri – Summer Party 2015 (PAMSUMMER2015) will take place in Penang’s heart, Georgetown in which there will be indoor and outdoor events. Indoor exhibition area will be held in Dewan Sri Pinang and outdoor anisong party will be at Esplanade (Padang Kota Lama). This matsuri is a 2-day event, on 23rd – 24th of May, 2015.

I am super excited with this announcement as it will have many exciting events and of course, the promising guests! So, who’s going to perform on this event?

1. yanaginagi (Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari, Vidro Moyo, Tokohana)


2. Hachioji-P (Sweet Devil, Twinkle World, Electric Love)


3. Yuyoyuppe (Leia, Palette, Psychopath)


What can you expect from this event?

1. Lotssss of merchandise!
This is compulsory. Every anime/cosplay/manga/game event you will expect this. And you will let your wallet-kun to dry the moment your feet are on the event.

2. Doujin
Worry not! There’ll be doujin booths there. Maybe you can get some BLs too?

3. Game
What I meant here is the game in the matsuri. I really want to see goldfish scooping in this event. I want to try it so much!!

4. Anisong concert
Scream all you can! This is an outdoor performance anyway!!

So far, the ticket price hasn’t been announced yet but most of the information regarding this event have already mentioned on the website including the map, guidelines, transport and so on. You can go to PAMSUMMER2015 for more details.

Picture source:
Vocaloid wikia
Jpop Asia

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