Teens React to J-pop


Okay, guys. This is like a week ago but I still want to write something about it. First of all, I did wish TheFineBros would make something related to J-pop, perhaps last year. I don’t remember. But until last week, this video came out because someone posted it in Facebook and hell yeah, I was very excited!

And today, I feel like writing my thoughts on this video, just to share with you guys.

Before that, if you haven’t heard about TheFineBros, I hope you’ll look up their channel on YouTube and they made many videos about viral videos, YouTubers react on something and they were awesome!

Now, back to the topic, this time, they made a video on Teens React to J-pop and surprisingly, those teens gave positive thoughts, (at least most of them) on J-pop which I didn’t expect them to be. Knowing J-pop, I knew that many people who never listened to this genre find J-pop is weird, like they can’t even brained it.

There are 3 videos featuring 3 J-pop groups; Perfume, EXILE and AKB48. As you can see from the video, at first they have no idea about J-pop, I mean it is normal for J-pop to have some unpredictable or random scenes in the PV, and these guys are like ‘What was that?, What actually happened?, What did I watch?’ bla bla bla

To be honest, I found it is interesting and funny at the same time. Even though they thought J-pop is somehow weird, they also commented the PV and song are cool and awesome. I think this is a nice way to introduce J-pop to wider audience. Watching this video actually gives me a very nostalgic feeling since it has been so long since the last time I listened to AKB48. Not only that, they even chose to put Heavy Rotation PV! Very controversial. haha

One comment that strike me is the cinematography of J-pop PV in which I agree on that. If not all, most of Japanese songs got a charm on their PV. How should I put this, they are good at making implicit content and let the audience think themselves.

I would like to thanked TheFineBros for making this video and I hope you guys can make other Japanese related stuff next time.

p/s: They also posted a bonus video featuring additional content from the original Teens React to J-Pop. Watch it here.

TheFineBros channel

Picture source: J-Pop Foundation

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