Bittersweet of anime/vocaloid community


2 days ago, news came out to me about the closure of Kaylith website. Kaylith was one of the subbing acts in anime community and I have to admit I liked their works. I don’t know the exact date and the reason for it but as soon as I found out about the news, I googled on the internet and sadly, it was true.

I also read from a trusted source about what had actually happened.

And today, I found out that vnsharing is gone too. Vnsharing was a large forum and sharing website and I used to get a lot of Japan and Vocaloid stuff there. It was 2 days ago I visit the site and today, it’s gone. It reminds me of Nicosound and I feel sad about it. Things gets harder from day to day.

2 shocking news are no joking man. Suddenly my anime life becomes darker and darker.

However, just when I thought everything’s gonna end soon, a good news come when I was accessing Kaylith’s website. The site is alive and the project archive is there! One more thing, they already disbanded as Kaylith but most of them are still doing subbing as a new fansub group, Caffeine. You can visit their new site here!

I am so glad that they are still active and passionate to continue subbing for anime. About vnsharing, there’s nothing we can do about that but I believe, there’ll be more sites like vnsharing will be born soon. This community is not going to end just like that, right?

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