Hatsune Miku performs live on David Letterman show


Miku took another step in her ‘career’. She did it, again.

For the first time, Miku made her debut in tv show and this time, she performed live on David Letterman Late Night Show. As her fan, I am proud of Miku. She gets recognition from another people, outside her casual fans. Omedetou!

So, have you watched her performance? Don’t worry because I am going to put it here. Thanks to anyone who uploaded the video!

One thing that bothering me is, you know, the tuning. Miku sounds better than this. For real. I bet some people might think, how can people like this crappy sound. Anyway, Miku never failed to amuse anyone and so does this time. Despite being a software, she is craving her path to conquer this world! (okay, let me being exaggerate on this).

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