Good Smile Company will open its factory in Tottori, Japan


One of the famous character figure companies in Japan, Good Smile Company has decided to open its own manufacturing factory in Tottori, Japan. Currently, the company products are manufactured in Shanghai, China. They expect to start its operation in October and within 3 years, they are planning to hire about 100 workers in the factory.

The reasons for this decision are, due to rising labour costs and to avoid exchange rate risks. As a customer of this brand, aside from those reasons, I think this is a good decision for them to maintain their product’s quality and originality. Well, since the last few months there were many cases of bootleg products especially nendoroid line-up reported by the fans and company.

I’m not saying the China factory is the reason but there are, high possibilities of leaked information when any product is manufactured there. Regarding the quality, it’s safe to manufacture the product in the homeland and ‘Made in Japan’ products always come with a good quality. However, as a buyer, I should expect that there will be change of price, most likely a rise since the production cost in Japan is quite high.

source: Crunchyroll , Tomopop

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