Vocaloid song series: Ameyumerou (Rain Dream Tower)

This is my first time writing on vocaloid song series. I don’t really know how to write a review or interpret a song/video, maybe because I’m not an art student. My brain works most on the left so any abstract thing wouldn’t be my expertise. Even so, I would like to give it a try.

I’m going to start with this song that I found out today.

Title: Ameyumerou

This song features Miku and Rin as the main characters. As in the video, they probably came from a poor family and made a promise to always be together. As they grew older, both of them were working as prostitutes.

Title: Koiyamirou

Interpretation 1:
Rin secretly fall in love with Len and at the same time, Miku also loves Len (probably). Miku said to Rin that she was going to meet someone (Len) and asked Rin to wait for her. Rin accidentally saw Miku and Len. For some reasons, Len brought Miku together and left Rin, alone. Rin, who still keep the promise, was waiting for Miku to return.

Interpretation 2:
Rin hold a feeling towards Miku. Not sure what kind of feeling but it is a special one. Probably, an important friend or other than that. “On a road dyed in twilight, I fell in a secret love, I couldn’t show my feelings, and simply watched”. This line can be interpreted for both interpretations.

In Ameyumerou, at Miku’s part she mentioned “The corpse of a false love”, probably referred to her unreal feeling towards Len. Maybe, Miku didn’t really love Len but she just wanted to make her life better, that’s why she followed Len.

Some fans argue that Len actually like Rin but he chooses Miku because she is prettier. Well, I doubt this because Len, as in Koiyami rou, he went to prostitute to forget his wound but later on, he started to like this one person (Miku) and wanted to live together with her.

“It’s enough to shake even my soul,
I want to love every single thing about you.
So turn towards me, the one whom I love,
I want to bring you away
from all the mistakes now.”

And now, for Miku she kinda happy with Len but at the same time, hold a feeling inside; sadness. I guess Miku never forget the promise but she has no choice.

“Beneath the voluptuous smile,
hides a certain despair.”

About the girl who’s waiting, perhaps Rin, for me its either she waits for Miku or Len. In Ameyumerou, it only mentioned “someone” but in Koiyamirou, the line is quite clear. The relationship between Len and Rin is still unclear. The only thought that comes to my mind is it’s like a one-sided love.

“As she waits, and waits,
and as time flows by,
the rain in her heart continues.
Despite so, once again today,
her wait for me continues.
Until the day your indenture ends,
no matter how long”

So, what are these songs being about? I guess it’s still pretty hard to know the real meaning behind these songs. The producer didn’t mention anything about it and so I think you can freely interpret based on your understanding and few levels of imagination.

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