Final impression on Selector Infected WIXOSS series


I just finished watching Selector Infected WIXOSS (SIW) anime series, in one day and all I can say is, this anime is seriously great and exciting! Who thought this anime could be this awesome. Seriously, I underestimated this anime before give it a try. Once I start watching it, I get hooked on the series and keep watching it until the final episode.

To put in simple words, this anime is about the battle among Selectors, who play the trading card WIXOSS to become the Eternal Girl for her wish to be fulfilled. Well, the plot seems so simple and I am no fan of trading card or battle card anime but SIW in an exception. You probably wouldn’t expect this anime could be this great.

From the very first until the final episode, the story and characters have been developed very well. Each episode gets more darker but at the same time, the truth about the game is revealed little by little. Things about Ruko’s dreams and Tama’s background, however, haven’t been revealed at the moment.

I would like to mention that this anime don’t offers you much humors. It’s more into dark theme. You will get a bitchy character, an incest relationship, a loner and an unexpected plot twist at the end of the series. It is darker, but there are deep emotions in the series and you can feel the sadness of the characters.

While this anime might not be the best anime this season, it stands on par with Black Bullet. I recommend you to try it. You might regret not watching it! :p

Oh, before I forget, at the end of the final episode there is a sign that SIW will have its 2nd season. The title is Selector Spread WIXOSS and it will be airing this fall. I hope the 2nd season is good as the 1st.

Rate: 9/10

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