World Cup 2014: Blue Samurai might not be able to make into second round

Just a quick post on Japan-Greece game that ended just now.


Draw. Japan and Greece tied with no score. I missed the first half but managed to watch the 2nd half and all I can say is I am disappointed with Blue Samurai performance. They played at slow pace and some players did not perform as expected. I don’t know what happened to them but they looked so tired and their stamina ran out easily.

Since they draw, the chance for Japan to get through 2nd round is very low. With one game left for each team, Japan will face Colombia, which already qualified for the next round and Ivory Coast will face Greece.

Maybe this year is not Japan’s best performance in World Cup but I still hope that they will at least win the last game, though it looks impossible. It is quite sad that Japan men’s team didn’t perform as we hoped, plus, Japan has achieved great achievement in badminton, women’s football and futsal.

Though it is disappointing, I’ll keep supporting them! #AllSupportForJapan

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