Japan won their first Thomas Cup ever!

BofeBf-CIAA3Msg (1)

So just now I was watching the final match of Thomas Cup 2014 between Japan and Malaysia. I am Malaysian and I like Japan but to be honest, I always cheering for Japan no matter what game it is.

The game has ended and Japan won the match by 3:2. Omedetou Japan!

It was a thrilling game. Seriously. Both teams are great. Malaysia had higher chance to claim the title but Japan showed them they were a new dominance in badminton world, at least for now.

This is the first time Japan won the Thomas Cup and they never entered final for 64 years. Malaysia last won the title in 1992 and they never entered final after 2002. So, winning this match would give a great moment for both Japan and Malaysia.

For Japan, I never thought they could make it this far. They played very well in this tournament. They deserve it.

Congrats to Malaysian team too for the effort. You did great!

Speaking of Japan badminton team, there are few ikemen I spotted earlier. I should pay more attention to them from now. ><

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