Sukitte ii na yo: The reality of human relationship


I just finished watching Sukitte ii na yo. Well, the anime is watchable and not bad but not great either. I am not going to write a review about it but something related to the anime and what happen in our life.

One of the reason why I like watching anime and j-drama is they always taught us about life. Friendship, challenges, love, family and so on. Something that is related in our daily life.

One of the best quotes in this anime;

It’s like a doll house. You hang out together and pretend to be friends but when it doesn’t suits them, they just abandon you. – Tachibana Mei

Friendship. How nice the word is.

Everyday, we meet people. Human is designed to depend on each other. It is impossible for us to keep living alone because one day, we need someone to help us, to live with us. Just like the Japanese kanji 人= hit0 = person, this kanji consists of 2 strokes which can be symbolized as “support each other”.  Thus, we always built connection with others.

However, meeting with people is not always good. Sometimes we’ll find someone who doesn’t getting along with us. Same goes to friendship. As we grow up, there will always new friends come into our life. It’ll be better if you and your friends are getting along very well. But things may not always go your way.

There’ll be at one time, we find it is hard to deal with them. You’re always together. ‘They’re getting along very well, isn’t?’- That’s what other people thought. If one person in your circle is missing, everyone will notice it, instantly. But you, yourself might not feel that way.

Within your circle, you might feel isolated. Sometimes, they aren’t responding when you’re talking. You try to bring up a nice story but no one give their thought or respond to it. It feels like you are talking to yourself. It goes so far as you started to think if you’re a boring person.

Then, another problem arises. They asking for your help and you used to them. You don’t mind helping them since you guys are friends, but they didn’t use the proper word like ‘please’. Well, it is a basic manner when asking someone to do something for you. It is a matter for you but maybe it’s not for them. Over the time, you feel like they’re taking advantage of you. However, you don’t want to talk about it because it might ruin your friendship.

From that point, you start to pretend like nothing happened. Well, everybody does, including me.

Just like Tachibana Mei said, You hang out together and pretend to be friends but when it doesn’t suits them, they just abandon you.” 

Not only in friendship, but in any human relationship, if not all, we might experience something like this. We keep silent but deep in our heart, there’s a lot of things we want to say. Lonely, isn’t?

Some people can express their feelings but some of them cannot do so. Afraid of getting hurt or hurting others. So, silence and pretend is the best option. Is human is such a weaker that’s why they’re like that, I don’t know.

Sukitte ii na yo taught me so much about human relationship. Maybe some of us had this experience, and we feel frustrated about it but the important thing is not to reject others. There’s a lot of people you haven’t meet. Just believe that one day, you’ll find a better person, more than what you had today.

Dealing with people is hard, so hard that makes us human.

People become stronger and kinder because of their pain. I feel like I’ve been taught what it truly means to be human.Tachibana Mei

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