Penang short journey

DSC_6980Have you ever been to Penang?

Penang is a state in Malaysia located in northwest coast of Peninsular Malaysia. Penang is consists of two parts; the island (Penang Island) and the mainland (Seberang Perai) on the Peninsula.

Penang is a popular destination among tourists because of the rich cultural heritage. Been listed in 2010’s Yahoo! Travel as one of the “10 Islands to Explore Before You Die”, Penang has so many attractive places for you to visit and experience it.

My friends and I were planning to take a one day trip in Penang and we decided to hang out today. We are getting out from our house at 8 a.m to make sure we have enough time to cover all the places we decided to go. It will takes you about 20-30 minutes from Nibong Tebal to Penang Bridge.

Our first destination is Bukit Bendera (Penang Hill). From the bridge, you may take 17 minutes to get there by car. It is, however depends on the route you’re taking or the traffic on the road. This is my first time driving in Penang so I have to use GPS for the help.

DSC00894As we arrive, we straightly go to the counter to buy the ticket. The ticket fares are listed below:

ticket fareWe get to buy the ticket with RM4 as we are student. Make sure you show your SISWA card or Student ID together with your identity card (IC) so that you can get the discount.


DSC00856Very nice pedestrian walkway.


DSC00859The foyer.

DSC00860This is where you’ll be waiting for the train. Today is working day so not many people are here. During weekend or holidays, you may ended up queuing for longer time and standing in the coach.
DSC00865Penang from above. The view is not clear because it is cloudy here.

DSC_6968Stalking people from Penang Hill.


DSC00881An old train to Penang Hill.

DSC00876Arulmigu Balathandayuthabani temple.

DSC00878Penang Hill mosque.

DSC00885Walking around the hill, we see some old buildings and British-like houses just like this.

From Penang Hill, we continue our journey to Straits Quay. Straits Quay is located at Seri Tanjung Pinang.

IMG_20140211_124619These boats are private but some of them are available for rent. This place has a nice view during sunset and night.

IMG_20140211_124547Our next destination is Street Art. The arts are located at various places so we have to park our car somewhere and walking to look for it.
IMG_20140211_150431Kapitan Keling mosque. This mosque is built by Indian Muslim at 1801 in George Town, Penang. To enter the mosque, you need to park your car/motorcycle outside. The parking lot is limited though. Not to mention there are many cars and the road is quite small.

We park our car at near Armenian Street and start looking for the art. It is easier if you know the location of the art (map).
DSC00913If you have been to Singapore, you may see the streets at George Town quite similar to Singapore. Well, history taught us that both of them were part of Negeri-negeri Selat (Straits Settlements).
DSC00911These arts are painted by Lithuanian’s Ernest Zacharevic.

DSC00915Since there are so many of them, we decide not to look for all of it. Then, our last destination is the Padang Kota Lama (Penang Esplanade).

Actually, Kapitan Keling Mosque, Street Art and Penang Esplanade are located not too far from each other. These places are in George Town and you can reach it just by walking.
IMG_20140211_175250Fort Cornwallis. A historical landmark which was built to protect Penang from pirates and Kedah (source). To enter this fort, you have to pay RM2 for adult and RM1 for children. Victoria Memorial Clock and Swettenham Pier are located near to this area.

DSC00916In this fort, you can see many structures such as prison cells, a chapel, storage area and several cannons.


DSC00930 The view from Penang Esplanade.

IMG_20140211_182407This building is Penang City Hall but they are doing some renovation or maintenance on it.

DSC00934Our journey ended here. Today is a tiring day but we have lots of fun! There are many places we didn’t get to go but would like to do so next time.

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