How does EngLish Miku sounds better than EngRish Miku?


Today I feel like watching some Hatsune Miku videos singing English songs. I don’t even remember the last time I listened to her English song and this makes me feel frustrated.

We knew that Miku has her own English voicebank which was released last year and honestly, I don’t really like it. As a casual listener, I pay so much attention to the thing that sounds nice on my ears such as the music, pronunciation and of course the Miku herself.

And most of the V3 English songs that I listened so far weren’t so impressive. The pronunciation is good though and I think it has been a great help for the producer to make any English songs for Miku. But, one thing is lack from Miku V3. ‘How does Miku sound?’ is the thing irritates me.

She sounds different from her Japanese version. I think, English Miku is not that high-pitched when compared to Japanese Miku. So, in order to make love for her English version, I keep on searching the song that can change my perception on this version. Well, actually it depends on how the producer tuning Miku to make her sounds better.

And what I found today is quite good!

1. Beautiful World

There is still some good in this broken world,
Oh when I have turned blind to notice all these..

My 3rd attempt while searching for Miku English and I love it the moment I listen to it! Very lovely music and I’m sure you’ll love it too.

2. Clarity (cover)

If our love is tragedy why are you my remedy,If our love’s insanity why are you my clarity.

One of the most popular song by ZEDD and now you can listen to this song with Miku voice. As I mentioned above, she sounds a bit matured.

3. Everytime We Touch (cover)

Forgive me my weakness, but I don’t know why
Without you it’s hard to survive..

Another cover song by Miku V3. It still sounds good even though the tune is bit off.

Now, there’s another thing I would like to share when I found the Clarity song. There is a Japanese version for the song which is originally sang by Kirby Henry (forgive me if I’m wrong).

Clarity Japanese version by Kirby Henry;

And this one is the version sang by Miku;

Just ignore the vibrato of Miku. I love this version! I think Japanese is such a wonderful language. And when Miku singing it, it makes me love it even more! Oh, and not to forget the orchestra version of Japanese Clarity;

I’m not sure if they use Miku V3 for this Japanese Clarity but it still good. Be thankful for whoever made this version because it is so cool and awesome!

While I’m searching for English Miku, I will always remember EngRish Miku that I listened some time ago. And this is what triggered me to write this post. While Miku V3 has a big improvement in English pronunciation, the original English by Japanese Miku (I refer as Engrish) was not so bad either when you consider how Miku sounds with it. High-pitch and the pronunciation was cute though..

All these make you remember the old good day when Miku was singing My Heart Will Go On with Japanese accent.

I miss this Engrish Miku. She sang it with false pronunciation without holding it back. How innocent she is? I hope someone will try to make any cover songs using Japanese Miku, once in a while.

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