The return of BACK-ON and their music is still flawless as always!


More than 2 years since I listened to their song for the last time and I never heard about them until the end of 2013. BACK-ON is now return to my all-time favourite songs!

As an anime fan, you probably have heard about this band from various anime theme songs. One of them is Chain in anime Air Gear which was sang by BACK-ON. It was my first encounter with this band. I love their music style; rock with rap but their music is slightly different from other rock bands and you can tell it is BACK-ON especially the vocalist, Kenji has its own vocal pattern.

Now after years, I accidentally found their song, Nibun no Ichi in Youtube and I love it! I tried to search for the full PV but never found one.

As expected from BACK-ON, they never disappointed me. The lyrics are very meaningful (here) and the PV is awesome! Nibun no Ichi is the OP for Gundam Build Fighters.

From what I’ve googled, they actually active on recent years except during 2009-2010. Since their song is still good, I went to search for the past releases.

If you missed their songs, here are some songs I recommend you to listen:

1. twenty four/7

2. Infinity

3. with you feat. Me

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