“Because lolicon is justice”


“People should be free to love..but lolicon is out of the question!”

Latest song from Takebo3 that features Luka as the main character. Honestly, I never thought that Takebo3 would release a sequel for Hatsune Miku’s “Glad You’re a Lolicon”.

Similar to its prequel, “Lolicon is No Good!” has the funny and cute lyrics in it. I like the idea of using loli as the main theme for both songs.

In this song, Luka as an adult woman, admired by her co-workers, tell how she likes that guy (in referring to Glad You’re a Lolicon) but her feeling doesn’t reach him since he’s a lolicon.

Personally, I am happy for both Miku and Luka version. Ami, who wrote the lyrics for Luka’s knows how to use wise words to express the jealousy to make sure that Luka will not look as a bad girl here.

If you haven’t watched Glad You’re a Lolicon, I suggest you to watch it first and continue with Lolicon is No Good!

And here’s another video for Glad You’re a Lolicon, a very cute dancing featuring Miku and Rin. It makes you goes mokyu-mokyu!

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