Affilia Saga is actually a pop idol group from Maid Cafe

Today, I encounter with a pop idol group called Affilia Saga. Of course, it happens while I am googling for random anime OST and this time is the soundtrack for NouCome.

I don’t actually like the OP for NouCome but it is really cute song and their title, S.M.L catches my attention. I never heard about this group before but the fact about this group really amuses me!

Afilia Saga East is a idol group produced by Momoi Halko and Shikura Chiyomaru. The members of Afilia Saga East are also employees in maid cafés, which are part of Affilia Saga, a line of cafés/restaurants all over Japan.

Tte koto wa, they are all maid and at the same time is an idol? Sounds nice right??

Oh… I forgot to mention that NouCome OP actually sang by Affilia Saga. They are cute. As expected from a maid. By the way, this group also has sung the EP for anime Neptune Hyperdimension: The Animation.

Anyway, I don’t intended to follow their update and releases but I’ll listen to it, as long as it doesn’t hurt my ears.

You can watch NouCome OP original PV by Affilia Saga below.

More about this group can be read here.

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