A review on Comic Fiesta 2013

Yo!! Hisashiburi da ne~

It’s been a while since I posted something and today I’m going to write a review on Comic Fiesta 2013! This event was held on 21-22 December at KLCC.

Day 1:

We arrived a bit late, around 11am and it’s already full with people and the queue outside was very long! I didn’t know until we entered the entrance hall and that’s the place where we can buy or redeem the ticket. You have to walk a bit from the queue outside to enter the entrance hall and you’ll join another line in the hall.

IMG_6717Otaku spotted!

_MG_6732The queue inside the entrance hall.

After we bought the tickets, we entered the exhibition hall and officially joined the crowds to experience this event!


IMG_6743A troop of nendoroid petite being displayed at Good Smile booth.



IMG_6746One of my favourite figma but never got a chance to own it.



I’ve tried to stop myself from buy any Miku goodies and I ended up buying Mikudayo nendoroid petite. Next, we went to Culture Japan booth and wasted some moneys.


DSC_0105Each for RM250.

DSC_0115Pantsu detected!

JC.jpgA humble person, Jimmy Choo.

_MG_6800Finally, I’ve got to take a picture with Danny-san!

DSC_6761Together with his autograph!

There were so many booths and you need a lot of energy to visit each of them. Not to forget, at the main stage there were many activities being held such as cosplay competition, live performance, guests introduction and so on. 

Day 2:

Since we already had our Day 2 ticket, we don’t have to queuing up to buy the ticket. One of the main event for Day 2 was the appearance of guests such as redjuice, kz(livetune), Ikkyu, DMYO and so on. 

GempakStarz.jpgGot some cool stuff at Gempak Starz booth!

_MG_6844I met 2 nihonjin and they were friendly! This is when I bought a CD and postcard at their booth.


Too bad I don’t have any pictures with redjuice and livetune. FYI, redjuice is an illustrator who did the illustration for Guilty Crown.




We leave this event around 5 pm. It was a sad feeling because this event was awesome! We were very tired but it was so fun and we enjoyed it.

DSC_6757This is what we got after 2 days haunting!

Goodies.jpgI managed to get the autograph from livetune and redjuice. The ‘heart’ shape was the one I asked him to draw it.
For kz(livetune), I asked him to write ‘Ganbatte’ on the CD I bought before.
And that Maro autograph is the Nihonjin from the picture before.

And the last picture wraps everything!



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