Guides on pre-owned items

Have you ever bought any pre-owned items such as nendoroid, figma, figura and so on?

This happened to me when I want to buy nendoroid Racing Miku 2011 Version and Snow Miku Playtime Edition. Both were released in 2011 and I found it was very hard to get one, the new one.  At first, I didn’t know there are some online retailer that selling pre-owned items so I go for ebay, amazon and other retailers but somehow they are too expensive.

After I do some researches, I found there are some stores that selling pre-owned items such as AmiAmi, Mandarake, Jungle Entertainment Shop and so on. When talking about pre-owned items, some of us might have a conscious about the condition of the item.

Some advices from me if you’re thinking to buy any used items. First, choose the best stores/retailers that selling it. AmiAmi, Mandarake and Jungle Ent score pretty high in selling it. They are trusted stores. Usually, these stores will listing the details about the item condition on their site.

For AmiAmi, they describe the box and item using grade.


As for Mandarake, they go with something like this,


And for Jungle,


There is one good thing about the pre-owned item. The price actually cheaper than the new one. So, if your budget is tight, maybe you can go with pre-owned item. But..

some stores like Mandarake and Jungle, they will charge for handling fees. If you buy less than 5000 yen from Mandarake, you don’t have to pay 500 yen for handling fee. However, if you buy from Jungle, regardless how much it is, you’ll be charged 5% for handling fee.

Now, the packaging. I actually really concern about the packaging. I don’t know how Mandarake and AmiAmi handle the item but from my experience with Jungle, their packaging is quite good. They nicely wrapped the box with bubble wrap and put it inside the larger box.

I’m quite impressed with them because they are quick to reply the email and their delivery is fast too.

Basically, the pre-owned items actually worth to buy especially when you count for the budget and the value of the items. Some of you might want to buy a really really old releases or maybe any limited edition figures. So, pre-owned stores is the place you’re looking for.

Just one thing to keep in mind that this is pre-owned item. Some of the description might not similar to the actual condition of the item. If you’re lucky, you can get what you want but if not, then nothing we can do about it, right?

Jungle Entertainment Hobby Shop

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