So Long AKB48, so long to reach this.


AKB48‘s latest single, “So long!“, has sold 1,036,00 copies in its first week of release, becoming the group 10th single to sell over one million copies during its first week of sales.

AKB48 has had 12 singles sell over one million copies, 11 of which have been consecutive releases starting in February of 2011 with “Sakura no Ki ni Narou“, all of which easily topped Oricon‘s weekly singles chart. In addition, the group has had 17 consecutive single top Oricon’s weekly singles chart, starting with “RIVER” in October of 2009. ” – Source

I hope I’m not late to wish them congrats with this achievement. Okay. It’s not unusual to see AKB sells million copies of CDs but somehow, I feel this time I should give them a compliment and gratitude.

Before, I always posting about their first day sale in my blog but I stopped after sometimes. I do keep updating with their sales but I feel, I shouldn’t post about it anymore because it’s not very rare for them to make it 500k and even a million.

But this time, it is different. Fans realize that. That their sales keep declining after Manatsu no Sounds Good! .  Well, I’m glad that they still managed to pass 1 million this time.

I think I’ve mentioned on my post about this number will not be forever. Not only me. Almost every fans feel the same. This is a reality. Nothing can stay same forever.

So, the time has come. The only matter is whether this will lead to the more stabilize sale or keep declining. And the one that should carry this burden is, the new generation. Young members.

The next single most likely the Election single. If the pattern hasn’t broken yet, they probably sell a million too.. but that just a prediction based on previous Election singles.

As I said, I’m glad that they sold a million once again. Though it might be the last one to reach 1 million, I’m still happy for them. 10th single in a row and 12 overall, that just too awesome!

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