My very longgggg-awaited Shootokeeki.


My long-awaited Yukirin solo debut single, Shootokeeki is finally arrived! As usual, I get one copy only. (><)
But I feel so glad.. yokatta~

The single comes with a picture (CD Japan), photo card and a poster.


Now let’s take a look what I got inside.


A photo card and 3 pieces of Japanese-written papers.
Okay, I don’t know what it actually means so no further explanation here.


Front cover.


Back cover.




I love this picture soooo much! So lovely and yet, gorgeous!!
Sasuga Yukirin-ojousama.


I didn’t take a picture of the poster because it’s big and yeah.. a bit troublesome.

By the way, since by birthday is around the corner, I celebrate it earlier that it supposed to be.
So I thought, why shouldn’t I take a picture of the cake with my Shootokeeki?


This is different with Yuki’s Shootokeeki.


As long as it has a strawberry, it should be okay. Tehe~~

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