Tomochin is actually a tsundere

Itano Tomomi, one of the 1st generation members that’s going to graduate this year. She is not my no 1 oshimen but I do like her especially her personality.


Actually, there are many things I didn’t know about Tomochin. But I’m sure about one thing. She is a nice girl.

People said Tomochin is an example of ‘Tsundere’. Well, I do agree on that part.

It is known that she is a type that some people will hate at first glance. But once you know her personality, you will come to like her, pretty much like Acchan.

After I watched so many AKB performances and bangumi, I come to this conclusion.

She is a type that will act cold towards other people, at first. You might think that she is a little bit arrogant or something like that.

In fact, she is a nice girl.

Tomochin loves AKB members so much especially 1st generation (Mariko, Acchan, Takamina, Miichan and Kojiharu). She mentioned in her blog so many times. She may looks cold but she can shed tears for others.

During AKB special performance on Kayou Kyoku for Acchan graduation, she was crying while performing the song (Tabidachi no Hi Ni). Not only that, during Tokyo Dome Concert where they were performing Yume no Kawa, she was crying too and the same thing happened on Maeda Atsuko Graduation Theater. She was crying heavily, and that’s make me sad.

After Acchan graduated from AKB, she wrote on her blog,

But, on stage Atsuko was always the one dancing in the lead position. Tomo can’t even imagine the hardships Atsuko has had to go through. But, I thought that it was amazing even seeing her from behind all these times.

We’ve always been together, so I feel lonely that we’re parting. But, I truly hope that Atsuko works hard toward her next dream. Atsuko is strong, so I know she’ll be alright! Atsuko even reconfirmed those beliefs to me recently!

That kind of admiration makes me like her even more.

She also cares for others. I got this from AKBWrapup,

1. She treated invited Kikuchi and other juniors to her home and treated them a hot pot. She gave an advises on make-up to Fujie Reina.

2. During the 2nd reformation, Kitahara: “I was so scared…” → Tomochin covered her mic with her hand.

3. She gently fixed the collar of a kid when she visited the Tsunami Hit Are as a part of Dareka no Tameni project.

And the best part is from Uchida Mayumi’s blog,

Good morning!
Tomochin is cleaning a toilet.
Since this is so rare, everyone took pictures of this scene (^-^)
The gap between this Tomochin and her image from her looks… I think this is Moe~.
We could see such a good scene in as early as in the morning.
I truly respect people who do what they should do just naturally.
So I’ll be going to the studio to sing.
Live the life to the fullest.
Tomochin always kakkoii but I really like her warm side.

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