Kashiwagi Yuki caught in goukon scandal?!

This news already reported by the most-controversial-tabloid-in-stalking-AKB48, Shukan Bunshun 2 days ago.


Extracted from Stage48,

Short article: The photos were taken January 12th at 7.45 am. It is mentioned that Yukirin commented on the love rule in a recent interview saying that “she sacrifices love, her private life and freedom for AKB because it’s where I’m pursuing my dream. I want to see that supported by the fans. The love rule is necessary, also to unify everyone’s minds”.

Main article: According to Bunshun, management knew of the article about Minegishi two days prior to publication. That evening, Akimoto reportedly held a meeting with Minegishi and they considered several ways of dealing with the problem. Management is denying that there’s been any personal interview.

A person “involved with AKB” is quoted as saying that, due to sponsor and contractual issues, many popular members can’t be dismissed from the group. A similar source is saying that there are people in management that think a revision of the rule is in place yet drop the case, considering the nature of the group and fan psychology.

The goukon was supposedly held at the dining bar “S” in Meguro. Kashiwagi was invited by Miichan, who arrived at the place at half past midnight. Other people present were Ogihara Takahiro (21) and Sugimoto Kenyu (20), both members of the J-League team Cerezo Osaka, another male friend of the two, AV actress Asuka Kirara and another female friend of Minegishi’s, name unknown. According to a “mutual friend”, Sugimoto, Asuka and Minegishi are good friends and know each other’s cell numbers.

Minegishi left the bar a little after three in the morning, looking like she had had too much to drink. The remaining ones went on doing karaoke in a private room until after six o’clock. Asuka was seen leaving the place at 7.30, the men two minutes later and Yukirin at quarter to eight.

Bunshun wasn’t successful at interviewing any of the girls the following days. Yukirin’s agency though states that she hardly drank anything since she’s weak with alcohol. It’s true that she took part after getting invited, but she was informed of neither the boys’ nor Asuka’s presence in advance. Miichan’s agency states that it wasn’t a goukon but a dinner among girls.

I chose not to write anything until Yukirin or her agency give a proper explanation/comment on this rumor. But, she neither her agency release any statement about this.

Similar case had happened before among AKB members which involved Chikano Rina, Sato Amina and also the other case happened to Oshima Yuko. Actually, goukon case is not a big deal compared to Miichan’s.

But since this is Yukirin, where her image is clean and pure among fans, of course it caused a big fuss. The time also perfectly fit her solo debut day and her interview about Love-ban Law.

Generally, she did not brake any rules. It just goukon but as an idol, get caught in such a situation does not look good to her. There are many reactions from fans. Some fans are mad toward Miichan and demand the management to fire her. Some show support for Yukirin and some got angry.

For me, even though it little bit disappointed, I still put my trust on Yukirin. Her image has been tarnished but I doubt this rumor will affect her career, hugely. The evidences are too weak. We can see from the picture, Yuki left the bar with another woman (unknown) and luckily, she didn’t drunk.

I hope she will be more careful.  Yuki is known as stay-home type girl but once she wrote on her blog that she want to be more sociable with others. Honestly, I prefer her to stay like that if that way can avoid her to get caught from any scandals. She can have fun like others but need to be extra careful.

Anyway, I still support Yukirin. Yesterday, during her solo debut press conference she looked happy and I hope this rumor will not distract her focus. During her HS event, she never mentioned anything about the rumor, so in her blog. Well, I think she will keep her mouth shut even though some fans want her to give an explanation. Sometimes, explanation or statement will lead to other worst situation.

As a bonus from yesterday’s press con,



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