Itano Tomomi to graduate from AKB48

Tomomi Itano 1

It’s not surprising, but I don’t expect it will be this earlier. Itano Tomomi (Tomochin) will graduate from AKB this year, during stage greeting;

I’m Itano Tomomi from Team K. I made a sudden announcement through this interview, but I, Itano Tomomi, will graduate from AKB48.”

This announcement kinda make me sad because she’s in my top favourite members. She stated, she’s been influenced by Acchan and I believe it started when Acchan decides to graduate from AKB.

Thing that scares me most is, all the 1st gen members will graduate at once during Nissan concert. It’s not impossible. I think every senior members, esp 1st gen are thinking the same thing. They’ve been together since the very beginning of AKB and it’s normal for them to feel lonely/sad when some of them are leaving the group.

And I just got this from Kojima Haruna’s thread,

Because we’ve been together since the beginning graduating is something very lonely/sad. I myself am thinking to graduate too, but for do that it takes a lot of courage, and I think Tomochin is cool for have decided about that. I wanna to support her as close friends as we’ve been until now.”, showing a smile. And for that, Itano: “thank you, Nyannyan”.”

The hint is there. It just the matter of time. Tbh, I can’t imagine when all of them aren’t in AKB anymore and I’m not sure what will happen to AKB without them. But I’m sure, AKB will be awkward without them because the AKB that I knew consists of them.

Now, we are ready for the 2nd chapter of AKB and I should be ready for the 2nd chapter of an AKB fan. Honestly, I’m not confident if I can maintain my support for AKB if ALL my fav leave the group, even though I do love AKB so much.

BB81pRwCcAEdqsI.jpg large

Those smiles, it look very sad to me.

I’ll make sure to enjoy the time of the original AKB members in the group until the last moment.

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