Cultural Competence, Miichan’s act and human rights

The news about Miichan’s act and the video of herself in YT are spreading internationally. But some of them might not correct. I happened to read this one post and I would like to share it, so that people will get better understanding of this issue.

Read here.

I agree with the author.There are few things that I need to highlight from the post.

1. Here are the facts that have been clarified either by management or by Minegishi herself:
– she shaved her own head (calmly, as Togasaki mentioned in a supplementary post on AKB’s official blog)
– her punishment for being involved with Shirahama is demotion
– she admitted to wrongdoing (“this was all my fault”)

2. Calling this a “sex scandal” is not quite correct because no one knows the extent of her “wrongdoing” and I don’t think we’ll ever find out.

3. What one sees on a regular basis in his/her home country is not always the norm in other countries.


People need to understand the whole issue and how idol business work in Japan, about the rule and the consequence of the action. Then, understand the culture before give any assumption.

I feel it is extreme for her to shave her head but I don’t have the right to say it is abusive. It may sounds like an excuses but this is their culture. We can argue it from human right perspective but we cannot deny the culture of the country.

In the end, it’s up to people how they see and think about this issue. With knowledge and a bit research, perhaps they can understand it better.

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