Minegishi Minami get involved in scandal; demoted to kenkyuusei and shaved her head

Shukan Bunshun strikes again and this time, the victim is AKB48’s Minegishi Minami (Miichan). It was reported that Miichan spent a night at Shirahama Alan‘s place on 17th of January, 2013.

I don’t even know who is this guy but he is the member of Jpop group, GENERATIONS. You can read the news here.

And today, AKB48 has uploaded a video of Miichan on their YT channel.

In the video, she apologizes for her action and it is her decision to shave her head.

Okay, it seriously unexpected. No joke. She is an idol and now, she lost her hair.

And.. she is demoted to kenkyuusei. I’m glad that she’s not fired by the management but got her head shaved is too extreme. Even though it is her decision to do so.

But I still respect her. By shaving her head, it means that she takes the punishment seriously. She don’t want to leave AKB either.

Anyway, I will give my support for her. I hope she can return to the team and senbatsu.

Ganbatte Miichan!

2 thoughts on “Minegishi Minami get involved in scandal; demoted to kenkyuusei and shaved her head

  1. Nice post! Not even a fan but when I saw the video pop up, I had to take a look because I have noticed certain AKB members but to shave her hair off in an act of forgiveness to the public does seem extreme from a Western view. I do not believe for one second she shaved her hair off according to her, there must have been some “influence” from her company.

    The demotion is really sad because I heard she is a 1st generation member as well. I heard this AKB member and the EXILE member are getting treated the same by idol fans but obviously with the girl’s video and how in most idol relationships, the girl seems to get the blame and negative treatment more than the male, the attention seems more on her not only in Japan but also in the West. The BBC and the Guardian over here in the UK have picked up on this story since it’s seen as human rights in the West. To be honest it deserves to have international attention and pressure but only if international media do not make assumptions and read up from a translated Japanese article.

    • it’s understandable the westerners see shaving head is extreme but since it is Japan’s culture, it’s normal for them to shave their head. However, this issue isn’t normal from human rights aspect.

      Well, this news is getting international covers but some of them might not correct. She stated that it was her decision to shave her head and she admitted her wrongdoing act.

      Can’t blame the management too because she knows about the love-banned rule, that’s why she demoted to research student.

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