AKB48 review in 2012

Today is the last day in 2012 and yesterday, AKB48 won the grand prize for 54th Japan Record Award. Congrats! Last year, AKB48 did a very well in the industry. So, how are they doing this year?

Well, looking from all the releases through out the year, we can say they are doing well this year too, but not as excellent as last year.

AKB48 managed to re-write their record by selling more than 1.5m copies of Manatsu no Sounds Good and thus, topped the ranking in all-time chart.

However, the other singles weren’t able to surpass Manatsu no Sounds Good and the sales keep declining. Maybe it is too much for the fans to hope for the million streak but still, it is worrisome.

The declining in sales might due to some reasons; scandals, graduation, the materials or might be the lost interest in AKB48.

This year, there were so many scandals in AKB48 and it leads to the graduation. Some older members of AKB48 graduated from AKB48 and one of them was the ace, Maeda Atsuko.

Looking back during 2009-2010, the materials delivered by AKB48 were much better than nowadays. For some reasons, it cannot be hit like what they did with RIVER, Oogoe Diamond and Sakura no Shiori. Maybe AkiP want to give more chance for the sister groups but abandon AKB48 like this wasn’t good either.

AKB48 has become too mainstream, so people will get bored of them. With the members come and leave, how long AKB can be reasonable? After Acchan impact might be true. Lots of fans also leave as she graduated from AKB. At the same time, AKB didn’t gain any new fans.

It is obvious that the management try to push new and young members but I don’t know if it’ll work or not.

Tomorrow is the start of 2013 and I do have hope for AKB.

If you ask me, I want AkiP to stop/postpone the plan for overseas project. I just want AKB to be what they were before. Release something that’s exciting. I hope AKB can maintain what they’ve achieved so far. Good luck girls!


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