Review: Wreck-it Ralph movie

So, I’ve done watching this movie though I’m bit late and what can I say about this movie is it is underrated. This movie was great and awesome!

My reason for watching Wreck-it Ralph is one of the OST songs is sung by my favourite group, AKB48. The song is Sugar Rush. That’s what lead me to this movie.

At first, I thought that this movie is below average not until I read some reviews on the internet. I was so eager to know what kind of movie is this. When i’m done, it was too cool!

Straight to the point, before this movie is played, there was a short animated film which I missed a part of it. But I managed to watch the rest of it. The title is ‘Paperman’ . Though the short film didn’t use any dialogues, it’s still good. We can understand the theme and the meaning behind it.

Now to the movie itself, it is directed with a perfect theme. It is blend with varies theme such as comedy, romance, friendship and also how can we be a good person. For me, this movie is not hard to understand. The plot is not complicated but the main thing is, it is heavy of good values.

This movie is suitable for any ages. Simple, creative, cute, funny, sad, all in one movie. It is worth to watch.


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