Details on Kashiwagi Yuki’s new drama

The details on Yukirin’s new drama is out! The title is “Miierino Kashiwagi” and it is a late-night drama, which will begin its airing on 11/1/2013. This drama will have 12 episodes and the theme is love. So far, the other casts for Miierino Kashiwagi aside from Yukirin are Sano Shiro and Konno Hiroki.

Drama synopsis:

Kashiwagi is someone with a special ability to see the outcomes of couples. However, for someone who is hopeless in love, she doesn’t understand the meaning of happiness in love nor the meaning when love ends in sadness. Sano is the owner of the café and Konno is someone who works at the Café, but in reality is a “Professional Relationship Destroyer”. Kashiwagi also works at that café and witnesses the relationships of other couples. Through various endings in relationships, some unreasonable, some questionable, Kashiwagi learns “What is love” and “What it means to be in love” and learn about the essence of love which will help her mature. 

Source: Stage48 ,Official Website

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