Fix the dead links

I’ve found another file sharing website and I’ve been starting to fix the dead links. This will take some time but I hope I can fix all of them.

Updated links:

1. Kamikyokutachi
2. Guilty Crown
3. 1830m
4. Ao no Exorcist


Today, I got a very bad news. My mediafire account has been suspended and locked. Means, all my files there are gone. And of course, all the download links that I provided on my blog aren’t available anymore. I’m very very sorry for what happened.

To be honest, I feel so disappointed. Although I’m not a very hardcore uploader and my files weren’t so many, I still love to share it with other people. I was so happy when I see a huge number of downloads coming from this blog and that’s what keeps me going to do this. When my account is suspended, I feel that all my hard work is now gone. I spent a lot of time to upload those files.

So, for now nothing much I can do. I have no backup links for those files. But I do plan to reupload old files but not for now. I’m going to start back during my semester break and when I have free time. I’ll try to fix all the links but I’m not sure how long its gonna take me to do so.

For now, I will use dropbox but I cannot upload all the files since it has limited space. For those who want me to fix the links, please drop your comment and I will try to fix it. I will reply to you once it is done and please kindly inform me if you already downloaded the file because I’ll remove the file from dropbox.

*Note that only requested link will be fixed.

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