Me in class, feel so happy!

Random post about myself. Today, I was doing an experiment on IC Circuit, IC is integrated circuit for those who don’t have any idea about it.

Actually, I was very nervous to do this experiment because honestly, I can’t even do a simple circuit by myself. I don’t even remember the flow of current on the breadboard though I already learned it before. So, my only hope was getting my friend’s help.

So, before the experiment started, the lecturer asked us whether we want to do it in group or individually, and of course, we said “in group”. But, the lecturer said no because we already in second year and we should do it by ourselves as a part of learning.

So, basically I have no idea how to do it and of course, I was asking my friend how to do that circuit. At first, I made so many mistakes and I feel the pressure. After 3rd attempt, my first circuit done. I still have 3 circuits to complete the experiment.

Proceed to the next circuit, I have some ideas on it but not very clear. Still, I made mistakes and need to re-build it. At certain points, I thought this way, “Ah..that’s how it’s work!”.

When I moved to 3rd circuit, I have confidence in myself, even just a little. This circuit actually the most complicated compared to previous 2 circuits. So, while doing this circuit, I think I look like a psycho because there are so many wires that need to be connected to the IC! But seriously, it was so excited and I was happy while doing it!

At the end, I was able to complete all 4 circuits and I want to thank my friends for helping me to do the circuits.

Few glances on the circuit I made based on the diagram:

 2nd circuit. This actually a bit easier.

This is the 3rd circuit. A complete beginner like me was so happy after finished it! ^^

This is the circuit I rebuild, just to take another shot of the circuit.

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