Quick Report: Miss my blog

Hi! Recently, I’ve been thinking about my blog and what should I write. But, nothing comes into my mind. Plus, I’ve been so busy with my college life and I have a little problems with my soulmate=internet. Of course, the connection here isn’t same as home’s but still, I am grateful for that!

Just a quick and random post from me, I really want to write something here and I think it’s better for me to post about myself. Since I like to blog about J-ent and also post some Jpop stuff here, I need a better connection to upload things and the connection here isn’t allowed me to do so.

It’s already 3 weeks since my 2nd year as a university student and there are a lot of things happened. Most of them were stressful. But, I will always find a way to get rid of that matter!

Right now, I wish I could go back to my home. I already bought a ticket for Aidiladha and I hope the mid-term holidays will stick to the date.

I have 2 things to post but now is not the right time. Don’t worry because I’ll post it later. It just a simple thing but I still want to share it. If you can guess it right, you deserve my salute!

So, that’s all.


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