Review on Nendoroid Shuukan Hajimete no Hatsune Miku

I just bought this yesterday and I am so happy right now! At last, I got it in my hands. I bought this for 150MYR. This is my first nendoroid and I’m bit confused how to join all the parts. But, the process of learning is not too hard. ^^

So, let’s check this out!

This is how the box looks like. I don’t buy the Amazon exclusive so I don’t get the cardbox inside the package.

The original feature inside this package.

The singing Miku. Miku looks great with the mic.

Miku’s holding a baseball.

Miku-chan is sulking… doushita no Miku-chan???? Did she lost something??

Miku is running.. but wait! She’s holding an ice-cream.

Miku fall down!! The ice-cream must have fell too.. that’s why she’s sulking just now.

Hora!! Miku got another ice-cream and walks happily. Be careful not to fall once again. ^^

Look what is Miku holding. Leek!

And the last one, Miku rocking the stage!!

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