Tips while searching for vocaloid songs

Konnichiwa! Today, I’ll give you some tips on how to find good vocaloid songs. This post is dedicated to those who just started to like vocaloid songs and still don’t know how to find their songs. If you are aware, vocaloid have so many songs and it’s almost impossible for us to listen to all of them. You need to choose very carefully so that you won’t be disappointed with that song.

As for me, I have few steps to find their song that meets my preferences.

‘World is Mine’ was my first vocaloid song that I listened, when I accidentally bumped into an article of Hatsune Miku and her collaboration with Toyota Corolla. That song had been stuck in my head for a while. After that, I do some researches about Miku and who is the author of the song.

Okay. I mentioned that I listened that song in a CM. Then I found the author of the song.

These 2 steps are important. First step can be anything. What I mean here is, you can find the source of the song from anywhere, not only in CM. For example:

1. Concert.
You can watch the concert in Youtube or in any website, and make sure you get the full tracklist for the concert. If you found any songs that you like, you can do your research later..

2. Rating.
First impression is important. People tend to look for something that is popular. I do the same thing. Since I like Hatsune Miku, I use her in my example. I’ll look for her million hits in Youtube or Nico Nico Douga.

3. Genre.
You can sort the songs based on genre. Listen to what you like.

4. Random.
This is the most favourable step, I think. When you listen to any songs in Youtube, you might click on the link appeared on the sidebar. As for me, it is based on luck. Some of the songs are good and some of them aren’t your preferences. Aside from Youtube, there is another way for this step. I found this list while searching for some Miku’s songs. But, as I said before, there are too many songs and I cannot listen to all of them. So, I just clicked on some random songs.

Now, we move to the 2nd step. Once you listen to the song and you like it, make sure you know who is the author. In other words, the producer. If you know the producer, it would be easy. You can start searching for his/her works in websites. Honestly, I think this is the main contribution to my collection. There are many remarkable vocaloid producer such as KEI, doriko, ryo(supercell), Livetune, fatmanP, 40mp, 19’s Sound Factory, buzzG and others. If you love rock music, you can listen to Noboru-P works.

Those I mentioned above are my steps while searching for vocaloid songs. It might be different to some people but I hope this post will help you a bit. How about you? Did you do the same thing or not?

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