Anime:Guilty Crown review

This time, I want to write a review about this anime. I’ve spent a week to watch it and it was awesome! I really like this anime! If you still don’t know what anime is this, I’ll tell you now. The anime is Guilty Crown.

Some introduction about this anime:

10 years ago, a virus known as Apocalypse spreads in Japan and caused the event, Lost Christmas as the outbreak of Apocalypse Virus. Unable to handle this incident, UN sent a military force GHQ to help Japan. Later, Japan gave GHQ its administrative duties and put Japan under its policy. 

In 2039, Ouma Shu meets Yuzuriha Inori, the lead singer of Egoist, a very popular group in the net at his favourite place. Inori is his favourite singer but he didn’t know that she is also a member of the so-called terrorist, Undertakers. Undertakers want to liberate Japan from GHQ. Eventually, Shu get involved with Undertakers and he gain a power while he protecting Inori from GHQ attack.

Okay. Let’s stop here. What I really want to write here is the character. Guess my favourite in Guilty Crown??

Sou. Yuzuriha Inori. She is super cute here! A 17-years old girl, she is Shu’s partner. What I like about her is her personality. Note that she isn’t a tsundere. For me, I see her as emotionless-girl but full with attraction. At first, she shows no emotion towards Shu but as the series going, Inori shows varies emotions and she falling in love with Shu. She always stay at Shu’s side when he lost his arm and blaming himself for what happened.

What will you do when a cute girl asks you for food?

And when she wants to shoot you?

But, she is the prove of a cute girl will always be cute no matter what happens..

So, how about the fan-service? Less fan-service but is enough for you to have at least, a crush on the characters. I think all the characters have strong personality and role, thus fan-service isn’t too necessary.

Before I forget, the OST of this anime is composed by Hiroyuki Sawano, the same composer for Ao no Exorcist. The OP and EP are witten by Supercell.

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