Hatsune Miku vs AKB48 vs Namie Amuro

OK. I know the title doesn’t make any sense. But still, I want to write about this. Actually, I am fan of those 3. Miku, AKB48 and Namie Amuro. I have no intention to put down any of them in my post. And because I am their fan, I make this comparison. I want to find their good points and the reason why I love them. For me, they represent 3 different thing in Jpop.

Well, I bet you already knew Namie Amuro and AKB48, if you’re following JPOP. But, what about the other one? Hatsune Miku. If you know her, then it’s nice. And if you’re not?? Then you should have at least, some information about her after reading this post.

Hatsune Miku : She actually is a software, particularly a VOCALOID. In my understanding, it is a voice synthesizer which allows the user to compose a song by inserting the melody and lyric. She is not alone. There are other Vocaloids too, such as Kagamine Rin/Len, Gumi, Kaito, Megurine Luka etc.

AKB48 : An idol group. Location is Akihabara.

Namie Amuro : A singer. Soloist.

Basically these artists involve in Jpop scene. They released album, songs, PV and held concert. Now, let’s move to our purpose!

1. Definition

An idol and a singer is different.

AKB48 is an idol. For me, they aren’t a singer. Being an idol means you have the ability to entertain people aside from singing. We already knew that most of AKB members cannot sing well but still, they have a lot of fans and able to entertain them. Thanks to their personalities and talents, fans love them very much!

Namie Amuro is a singer. Pretty much a Queen of Jpop. We can say, she can sing very well. That’s how she entertain people and she have lots of fans too.

Hatsune Miku. This one is hard to define. But some people referred her as a Virtual singer/Virtual idol/Japan’s Hologram Pop Idol. As for me, I will consider Miku as an idol.

2. Singing ability and talent

As I mentioned, singing is not AKB specialty. Even though there are members who can sing very well, most people labeled them as mediocre. But I don’t care about it since I know AKB is the unfinished idol group. They can dance too but not perfect enough. For me, what makes fans love them is their personality and talent. What can I say is they have the talent to entertain people as an idol. Since they have many members, each of them have different talents such as being a seiyuu, actress, pianist, dancer, MC or maybe a weather forecaster.

Namie Amuro in other hand is an excellent singer. She can singing live very well and a good dancer too. This is what we call a singer. Real singer. Not an idol. I don’t surprise if she’d been addressed as a Queen.

Different from other 2, Hatsune Miku isn’t a human but I love her voice. Sometimes, her voice sounds so real but there are times she sounds robotic. Well, it depends on how the user tuned her voice to make her sounds more real. I may sound over exaggerated here, but I really love Miku’s voice! Even it is a sad song or happy song, I love that. Cute, but sometimes, your tears will flow out when you listen to her songs. It reaches me. How about her talent? Since she is a software, I don’t think she can be MC or pianist. But, she still can speak or act like a pianist as long as she is programmed to do so.

3. Personality

As AKB have many members, fans have many choices to like any of them. I really like how they interact with the fans and they way they appear in any tv show or event. As an idol, they need to keep away themselves from any scandal or controversy.

For Namie, I don’t expect her to be SO funny and act stupidly in tv show. Because, she isn’t an idol. As a singer and artist, of course there will be some controversies around her. This is what makes an idol and a singer different.

Hatsune Miku: She can be what you want her to be. Tsundere, yandere, kuudere or dandere. You can make Miku looks like a pervert if you want. But, even with the ‘characterless’ she had, I still like Miku. I do think she possesses  some characters but I don’t know what it is. Maybe she looks like a pure character and meet what otakus want. Such as, twin-tails.

4. Song

AKB48 have many songs. Almost all of them were written by Akimoto Yasushi. In term of quality, I agree that AKB have meaningful songs especially to encourage people and how the reality of life.

As for Namie, I do like her songs because they sound energetic. But, most of them actually bounded with a same theme; Love/Romance.

Similar to AKB48, she do have many songs! Perhaps, she have so many songs compared to AKB. Why? Because everyone can produce song for her. She have not only Japanese songs but also Indonesian, English and she covers some English songs such as My Heart Will Go On, Hard To Say I’m Sorry and others. Since her songs were produced by different people, of course the songs have more genres and themes.

5. Fandom

AKB48 and Hatsune Miku: Otaku and wota.

Namie Amuro: Uncategorized.

Now, let me state that if I were asked to choose accordingly, the ranking would be Miku>AKB48>Namie Amuro. This is overall ranking. But, it depends on the category. As I stated above, 3 of them have their own value. To make it easy, I love their aspects. Songs and personality are the essential part. Though Miku isn’t a real person, I still like her voice. Though AKB isn’t a good artist and singer, I still like them. Though Namie isn’t an artist that I really wished, I like her works.

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