Anime: Infinite Stratos review

I always thought that Infinite Stratos(IS) is an anime that resembles Gundam or any mecha anime thus, I extremely wanted to watch it. Yeah, it does looks like it in the first episode, at the beginning of the anime..but not the rest of them.

I’m totally fooled by the synopsis and the plot from IS wiki because this anime is actually more into fanservice and harem+moe characters. But I’m not gonna say this anime is rubbish or fail because it’s actually entertaining and enjoyable, if you prefer fanservice-anime.

The main male character, Orimura Ichika is the only male IS pilot in the world and being enrolled in IS Academy, where all the students there are female. Being the only male student, Ichika faces lot of ‘hardships’ during his school life.

So, what the ‘hardships’ means??

1. Surrounded by a bunch of girls.

2. Need to get rid from 5 different female students. Tsundere childhood friend, flat-chested + yaeba childhood friend, and the other 3 from 3 different countries, Britain, Germany and France. All of them was fighting to get him.

As I said, this anime isn’t rubbish to me, it just the plot is getting nowhere. But still, I enjoy this anime since the female characters is cute+moe and of course, one of them is tsundere.But one thing for sure, this anime is stupid and sometimes very annoying. Thanks to the overly-stupid Ichika!

Anyway, I do have my favourite character here.

Shinonono sisters!!

I love both of them! One is tsundere and the other one is like a baka-oneechan but so cute and so moeeee~~~ and yet, she is genius.

Overall: You’ll enjoy the fanservice and the moeness of this anime.

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