Anime: Ao no Exorcist review

The story is about Okumura Rin, a son of Satan and possessed by demon’s power. He has a twin, Okumura Yukio and both of them was raised by Father, Fujimoto Shiro who was an Exorcist. After the Father died while protecting Rin from the Satan, Rin decided to become an Exorcist, just like  Fujimoto in order to defeat Satan. Soon, Rin discovered that his brother, Yukio is also an Exorcist and become a teacher at True Cross Academy, a prestigious academy where Rin is enrolled in to be an Exorcist.

I think, the story is quite boring at the beginning of this anime but it’s getting excited and suspense when Rin entered True Cross Academy. This anime is highly recommended for those who loves action, supernatural and school life genre.

If you’re the one who enjoys OST so much, you should be blessed because the background music of this anime is awesome!

Overall: This story is actually sad because it involves their past memories and friends matter.


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