AKB48 4th Senbatsu Election Final Result!

I start my post today with ‘Congratulation!’ . Congrats to all the members especially Oshima Yuko, who claims top spot this year and for members that improved from last year. Omedetou!

Okay. This is the final result.

Source : Hallyu8.com

As you can see above, some of the members dropped from last election and some are improved.

So, here is my comment for this year Sousenkyo.

Overall, I think it sucks and yet, it is good actually! It is predictable that Sasshi and Mayuyu will going up since they got pushed by the management.

But, I’m happy for Takamina.^^ She ranks higher compared to last election and I think she deserves it.

Tbh, I feel mad when Sasshi got higher than Mariko, Tomochin and others.  But I think, this is one of the best thing in order to recreate AKB48.

What I mean here, if no one can sneak into top 10 except the older gen, how can AKB change??

As Mariko’s speech, the newer members should be able to give their Senpai some challenges. Beat them!

Me too..I’m not sure if I can accept younger members in top 10 since most of my oshimen on the list, but I need to accept new AKB.

I am aware that most of them(oshimen) will graduate soon. That’s why, as a fan, I need to prepare for that. If all my oshimen leave AKB, at least I have new members to support.

And, if such strong-willed and reliable junior members appears, I will graduate with smile.

– Shinoda Mariko –

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