Hoping for the non-graduation in AKB48,at least for now..

After Tokyo Dome Concert was announced, the senbatsu and the single for the upcoming single have caused many talks among fans. Possibility for graduation is high..

The upcoming single will have 36 members and it’s clearly that the management want to push some juniors, for the sake of AKB48 future..when the 1st until 3rd generation, particularly from the main senbatsu members.

Akimoto Sayaka, Team K’s leader didn’t make it this year. The chance for her graduation is high.

And Tokyo Dome concert seems to be the graduation concert too. Mariko, Tomochin, Kojiharu and some other senpais..there’s rumours for their graduation.

But I do hope those aren’t true. Even though the time will come and some other members like Mariko, she already 26 this year, and Sayaka didn’t get spotlight like before, I don’t want any of them leave from AKB. I don’t want to lose them. I’m not ready for that…


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