AKB48 26th single is Manatsu no Sounds Good!

Before the shocking announcement yesterday, it has been announced that the title for AKB48 26th single is Manatsu no Sounds Good! The title is very interesting but not too odd because AKB have some other odd and weird title for their songs. But this time, i think the title is funny.(^0^)


Next, the senbatsu members revealed. This time, for the first time, there’ll be 36 members from AKB48, KKS,SKE48,NMB48 and HKT48. No JKT48 this time, maybe to give a chance to HKT48.


From everyday48.net:

Team A (7): Kuramochi · Kojima · Sashihara · Shinoda · Takajo · Takahashi Minami · Maeda Atsuko
Team K (6): Itano · Oshima · Minegishi · Miyazawa · Yokoyama · Matsu J
Team B (5): Kasai · Kashiwagi · Kitahara · Watanabe Ma · Watanabe Mi
Team 4 (11): Iriyama · Shimazaki · Takeuchi · Shimada · Abe · Ichikawa · Yamauchi · Iwata · Kawaei · Takahashi J · Kato R
Team S (2): Kizaki · Matsui R
Team KII (1): Takayanagi
Team E (1): Kimoto
Team N (1): Yamamoto
Team M (1): Jo
Team H (1): Kodama


36 people is not a few numbers. I wonder how the PV will be. Can they make all the 36 members appear in the PV and also in a stage????

Let’s leave it there. Now, the release date is scheduled to be on 23rd of May(23/5). Not sure if there’ll be Sounsenkyo this year. Since today is the last day for SSA concert, let’s wait for another announcement!

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