Acchan announcing her graduation!

Since I became a fan of them, I always thought there’ll be a graduation from idol group. How much I denied it, that is the reality in J-idol world.

For the last two days, there were some shocking news from AKB management and some of them are ridiculous. And for the last day, I should expect, or maybe I already expected that there’ll be a very important news coming from the management. Also, most of them fans, stated there’ll be a graduation, mostly from the most senior members, Mariko or Kojiharu and members that aren’t getting spotlight from the management, for example, Akimoto Sayaka.

So, I’ve been checking my twitter for any update on today’s concert. 1st, about the election. It has been confirmed that this year will have a Sousenkyo. Okay. I’m not interested to talk about that.

There is another thing that bothering me right now. A GRADUATION. A TABOO WORD FOR THE FANS. Everyone is scared of it. And yes. It is.

First, take a look at this.

By the time  I read these, my hands are trembling. Something that I want to avoid comes across my mind.

I was scrolling to confirm it. Then I found this:

“I’m going to graduate.” That line…I’m speechless.

Like I said before, I do expect a graduation but not from her.

She is the ace of AKB, and she still 20. Graduation is too much for her. She is the most popular member and everyone know her. She just released a PB and break a record.

She is the 1st generation and one of the founder member, and I knew her since I became a fan. AKB48 without her is out of my mind. It is too early. Too early.

Tbh, I feel sad right now. I want to support her but her graduation is too much for me. I don’t like Acchan at first but now, I like her.

I want to hold my tears..

For Takamina, I’m sure she must feel sad but she is strong. She’ll always be with Acchan.

This is the most saddest moment for me as a fan of them.

But, it is her choice and I need to accept that. I’ll support her.  がんばって Acchan!!

She announcing her graduation.

2 thoughts on “Acchan announcing her graduation!

  1. I’m crying real hard right now..T.T
    in fact I would cry even if it was nyan nyan or mariko,,but acchan is so out of question.I never thought I will stop seeing her in akb performnaces, right there in her spot..front and’s so freaking sad,

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