At SSA Concert last night, AKB48 announced their long-awaited Tokyo Dome Concert! My first reaction was,





?????!!!!!!!!!What??!!!! AM I DREAMING???!!

No. Absolutely not. The video is up on Youtube. You know what, I am so happy right now!!! After for long waiting, the time has come.

I am so happy for the girls! Ok. First, let’s check this out!!

Still, the date is yet to be announced. But maybe around this summer. Now, I’m going to talk about the concert and the video.

By the time i watching this video, I was so happy but at the same time, it’s hurt, a little bit. This special video covered some scenes from

Their early days and how they growing up to success like today.  Hardship, sadness, happiness, they went through those things little by little. Surely, it’s not easy but they keep going even now.

The fact that:

1830 meters is the distance that separate TOKYO DOME and AKB48 Theater but…they need 7 years to go there. Tokyo DOME, the place that is known for the prestigious stage not just for the baseball match but also among Japanese singers. It marks the climax of their career. And that’s how Tokyo Dome should be. Zutto zutto.

For 7 years, we have seen AKB48 with many different sides. They start from the bottom. Despite the controversies and scandals, they prove what people called ‘impossible’ is not true. In term of sales, everyone who know about them, you should at least, acknowledge it. Even though it will not long-lasting, I am still proud of it. To be able to sale more than 1Million, omedetou!

Slay-KB! The best word to describe them. Record after record. Omedetou.

5 sister groups. AKB48, SKE48, SDN48, NMB48, JKT48, HKT48. These are the products for 7 years. For SDN48, they will be graduated at the end of this month.

RIVER, Beginner, Kaze wa Fuiteiru and Give Me Five! show that AKB48 is not an ordinary idol.

It is impossible for me to describe by words but they always have my respect. It reminds me of Itano’s words from the Documentary,

“I’ll always give myself 3 chances.”

They might not be a great singer in the earth, nor the great band forever but in my heart, they’ll always be the best J-idol.


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