The Anti-Hallyu wave in Japan..

It’s been awhile since the last time i posting about something related to Jpop-Kpop. Recently, i’ve been read about some articles about anti-Hallyu wave in Japan. Almost all the articles i read are from Kpop-related site. At first, i don’t care about it since it’s always happened before but when the things got bad, it’s annoyed me.

There were some incidents lead to this ‘anti-hallyu wave’ in Japan. I just remember few thing like Kim Tae Hee’s statement, Jang Geun Suk issue and the presence of too much Kpop groups in J-commercial, industry and also tvshow..something like that.

When those things happened, Korean media keep reporting about that and some Kpop sites put the articles that are too biased. All of them keep blaming Japanese people and said Japanese people aren’t grateful for Kpop. I was like “Waddahell are you thinking?!”

First, it’s not surprised if they are some Japanese people hate Kpop/Korean. Do you expect all Japanese people will love what-so-called Hallyu Wave??

Second, the statement from Kim Tae Hee. Did she crazy or what?! How come you give such a stupid comment when you’re in Japan?? And it is natural for Japanese people to get pissed and feel offended with the statement and there were some protests for that. I think, people from other country will react the same if this happened to them.

Third,  what’s with the anti-Japan article???? Do you realize that your idols are promoting in Japan and got bucks from there?? Do you know that there are Japanese people supporting them??? I’m sure you’re the one who didn’t know how to be grateful and thankful.

From what i’ve read so far, whenever it comes to this issue, most of Korean/Kpop media will highlight this and make it big. I think, you’re the source of the Anti-Korean in Japan. I mean, it’s hard to find any Japanese news that put the anti-Korean sentiment among Japanese people. On the other hand, Korean media like to do this.


note:In Japan, Japanese people rule the country, not your Oppas.

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