Ichiban kakkoii of Sato Takeru

I’m going to write a post about the coolest,cutest and best side of Sato Takeru based on some pictures below. Ready for the SPAM!!!

no 1.

i love this!!!!!! the combination of all aspects!!

thanks to his hairstyle because i love this hair! not too long or short. just nice!

no 2.

this one. Takeru looks cho kakkoii in this picture! but, he looks like a bit lonely.

erm…he know how to make the expression very well.

no 3.

nerdy??? guess so!

no 4.

ok. this is bloody couple. but, i’m not going to comment about miura. ^^

i love Takeru’s smile. he is so adorable!!!

no 5.

takeru in hat. what should i describe him???

no 6.

long hair=pretty takeru????

no 7.

cho kawaii!!!!!!!!!!

and now… a bonus picture.


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