5 reasons why i love JDRAMA

5 reasons why i love JDRAMA :

1. Cast – Even though i didn’t know the actor/actress, most of them did a great job in the drama. For example, i started to like Ishihara Satomi in Hidarime Tantei Eye and i was surprised that she had been in many dramas before. Same goes to Sato Takeru, Kitagawa Keiko, Ikuta Toma and Miura Haruma.

2. Genre – Jdrama have so many different genres and i have many choices to watch it.

3. Storyline – If you like to watch love story, maybe you’re not prefer Jdrama. you may hard to find any drama that focusing a special relationship between the couple(hero/heroin) if the genre isn’t romance. but still, if it is romance, most of them wouldn’t show the ending for the couple like the marriage, the future, the romance between them and some of them will have not be a happy ending. but, this is why i love jdrama. somehow, they teach you about life, society and not all things goes like we want.

4. Special effect – I don’t know the best word to describe this but i love watching jdrama especially when it comes to food. Salute to the cameraman for the nice angle!!! whenever i watch jdrama, it makes me want to eat if they show the foods. They look so oishii!!!!

5. OST – i think this is one of the main reason. most of  jdrama i’ve watched, the OST are awesome, cool, nice and sometimes, i’ll cry caused by the music in the drama. i think this is one of  the strength of the jdrama.

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